31 October 2010

Jergens Overnight Repair nightly restoring moisturizer

Rating:  4

I was lucky enough to receive a sample of Jergens Overnight Repair (as well as Jergens Ultra Healing, which I will review separately) lotions from Viewpoints.

In general, I am not a big lotion fan, but with the dry air of the winter months creeping in, I thought I'd try to find a lotion to keep my skin from drying out and cracking like it usually does.  Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the Jergens Overnight Repair lotion, and it will definitely not be what I buy in the coming months.

I found the lotion to be very sticky, and even after sitting for a while to (theoretically) allow the lotion to dry, it didn't.  Instead of being absorbed into the skin to create a lasting moisturizing feeling, the lotion simply rested on top.  I did not feel like this lotion was doing its job of repairing my damaged skin, as advertised.  In my opinion, lotion should not have a noticeable feel after putting it on- it should just do its job.  The fact that this lotion still felt sticky on my legs the morning after I applied it really turns me away from purchasing it.

The Jergens Overnight Repair lotion did have a nice, relaxing floral scent, but that did not make up for the overall negative impression I had with this product.  I would much rather use an unscented lotion with a clean feel than a nicely-scented lotion that is sticky.

20 October 2010

UPDATE: Chex Mix party from MyGetTogether

So it's been a few weeks since my Chex Mix party from MyGetTogether, and I'm finally getting around to updating- sorry it took so long!

My roommate, another friend, and I enjoyed our Chex Mix while watching House (which we do every week).  The Chex Mix was a great addition to our weekly get-together.  Normally, we don't have snacks or we are all eating dinner while watching TV.  Because of all the flavors of Chex Mix provided by MyGetTogether, each of us was able to enjoy what we liked.  My friend and I quickly downed the bag of Turtle Chex Mix, while my roommate preferred the Original.  We were also given Honey Nut Chex Mix to sample.

After participating in my first MyGetTogether, I am eager for opportunities to host more parties.  I really enjoyed sharing the food and product information with my friends in a casual, fun environment.  On top of that, we all got to eat really great snacks!

Here's a shout-out to MyGetTogether and General Mills for such a wonderful opportunity!

27 September 2010

General Mills & MyGetTogether- Chex Mix party!

First, I want to apologize for not posting as often as I should be.  Now that I'm back at school, I (a) have a lot less free time than I did over the summer, and (b) don't get samples as often.  My mailing address at school is a PO Box, and since most companies won't mail samples to PO Boxes, I have to wait until I go home to get my mail.

Next week, I will be hosting a Chex Mix MyGetTogether, courtesy of General Mills.  For those of you that have heard of HouseParty, this is a similar event.  (However- I haven't yet been selected for a HouseParty; it seems much easier to participate through MyGetTogether.)  I've been sent a "Host Kit" containing materials for my party.  Specifically, I've been given

  • 3 bags of Chex Mix- original, Turtle, and Honey Nut
  • football-themed paper plates and napkins
  • a nice Chex Mix-branded plastic bowl, to fill with snacks
  • coupons to share with my guests
Wow!  All of that, for me to share with my friends.  How generous!  It is obvious to me that General Mills really cares about their brand and their reputation with consumers.

My party will be spread over a few days, as I normally have friends over throughout the week. Since General Mills wants these MyGetTogethers to spread information about their brand, I will be sharing the Chex Mix, etc., with different groups of my friends as they visit me over the course of a few days.

I've put together a mini-blog type thing to chronicle my preparations for this party; it's also where I will post pictures and comments after the big event.  You can find it here.  Please check it out and comment!!

From now on, I'll put forth more effort into maintaining regular posts on this blog.  Stay tuned for updates about my MyGetTogether as well as some new product reviews!

06 September 2010

It's been a while...

I wanted to apologize for not posting in a while- I had a crazy end of the summer, and now that I'm back at school, while I will do my best to post often, my schedule is a lot more hectic than it was before.  However, I haven't given up on this blog, so I hope you continue to check back for new posts!

<3 Aliyah

11 August 2010

Country Crock Original Butter

Rating: 9

I sampled Country Crock Original Butter as part of the Sam's Club open house this weekend. There were a lot of food samples, so many of my next posts will be reviews of these items.

The butter was served over corn. Unlike some butters that make food too greasy, Country Crock Original Butter imposed a sweet flavor on to the food. I can imagine it tasting great on anything from a bagel to other vegetables.

Since I do a lot of baking, I tend to buy sticks of butter and not tubs. However, if you are looking for a flavorful, sweet tub butter that won't make your food greasy, this is a must buy!

07 August 2010

BzzAgent Campaign update - Orbit Gum

Rating (for the Orbit spearmint gum):  9

I was lucky enough to receive my Orbit Gum BzzKit early last week.  How generous- I got 5 packs of gum in 5 different flavors, as well as 6 BOGO coupons to give away to my friends.  BzzAgent relies on word-of-mouth marketing, so the campaigns are designed to facilitate conversations about the product.

I work at a day camp with a bunch of other college students or recent grads, and after lunch is the perfect time for gum.  I was able to share Orbit spearmint gum with my co-workers and give away the BOGO coupons, too.  It seems like Orbit will have some new customers!  I rarely ever chew gum, but even I love the long-lasting, sweet flavor of Orbit gum.  I liked that the gum did not lose its flavor too quickly, so it felt like a worthwhile product compared to some other gums.  The new retro package designs are cool, too- not necessarily a selling point for me, but nice if I was already going to purchase the product.

This BzzAgent campaign has been a really positive experience, and I'm looking forward to participating in more in the future!

You can reach the BzzAgent website by clicking on their button in the sidebar of my blog.  Let me know if you sign up!

06 August 2010

EOS Shave Cream

Rating:  6

I was really looking forward to finding a shaving cream that doesn't make a mess all over the shower with crazy amounts of suds.  Unfortunately, EOS Shave Cream was not the one.

I sampled the pomegranate raspberry scent; many other scents are also available.

Instructed by the package to use a thin layer of the cream, I did just that- but found that I needed to use much more than that to make shaving comfortable.  The razor felt like I was dragging it against my skin instead of it sliding smoothly.  I normally just use soap for shaving, and I even found that better than using the EOS Shave Cream.

I did like the scent of the Shave Cream; it was nice to get out of the shower smelling fresh and fruity.  I like that EOS has products in unusual scents because it gives an interesting change to the monotonous routine of showering every day.

Unfortunately, this product did not perform as well as I expected it to; I will stick to my usual shaving cream or soap.